Golf screening looks at physical limitations in your body that may be resulting in injury or pain.  Likewise, thorough assessment allows us to discover physical problems affecting your golf swing and limiting you from playing your best golf.  We commonly find issues with poor hip and pelvic movement, stiff spinal segments limiting your rotation, shoulder issues and poor strength or flexibility which restricts certain swing planes.

By discovering the underlying issues, treatment and exercise programs can be provided to address the problems to ensure your body is in optimal shape to perform your best on the course.

Golf Screening will assist in:

  • Improving your game
  • Reduce the incidence of injury, and
  • Give you some of the tools necessary for a quicker recovery from injury

It is often seen that golfers spend lots of money on the best equipment and best swing coaching, but forget about having their body in the best possible condition to perform.  Don’t make the same mistake – get your body ready so you can have the edge on your competitors!

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