Are YOU suffering with foot or ankle pain? Is the way YOU walk causing you back or hip pain? Do YOU need orthotics to solve your problem?

Your FREE Gaitscan computerised foot scan Assessment from the Team at Mid North Coast Physiotherapy Will Reveal:

  • How important YOUR feet are for the rest of your body
  • How small differences in movement could be the cause of YOUR pain
  • If YOU need custom made orthotics to fix the cause of YOUR pain
  • How to fix common problems YOU may have like plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinitis, knee pain, low back pain and a range of others

To book a no-obligation FREE Gaitscan Assessment with one of our top Physiotherapists and receive a clear plan of how to manage your problem properly – call 1300 273747 NOW or click here to secure your spot.


GaitScan™ is a state of the art computerised scanning system that provides a detailed analysis of your feet and their movement. This analysis, combined with your physiotherapists’ experience and knowledge, detects abnormal foot function which may be affecting your feet or other parts of your body.

Your foot is in contact with the ground for about 0.7-0.8 of a second when walking and about 0.25 seconds when running. Imagine trying to determine normal or abnormal foot function with the naked eye in three quarters of a second?  This is too difficult for even the most experienced practitioner.  The GaitScan™ system records your timing sequences and pressure distribution as you walk across the pressure plate, which enables your physiotherapist to have a clear picture of your foot mechanics and determine whether you would benefit from wearing custom-made foot orthotics.

Orthotics are devices worn in your shoes that provide correction to your feet, helping them to function more efficiently. Poor foot function and alignment may be the cause of various problems such as foot pain, hip pain, knee pain and back pain. Prescription orthotics may help relieve your pain by realigning and stabilising the bones in your feet, restoring a more normal walking pattern and unloading certain muscles and joints that are under excessive load.

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