We believe here at Northern Beaches Physiotherapy that prevention is always better…

Below we have put some helpful tips to remember when your at work or home office.

Posture Friendly Tips For Working at a Desk

  • Choose office furniture that is ergonomically designed and that fits your body.
  • Sit with your back against the back of the chair with knees at slightly below hip level.
  • The workstation or desk should be at elbow height.
  • Adjust chair height to meet this need. Sit with your shoulders straight and parallel to the hips. · Don’t slouch or lean forward to view work or the computer monitor. Either move closer to the work or move the work closer to you.
  • Don’t cradle the phone between your head and shoulder! It is much better to use the speakerphone or a headset.
  • Get up, walk tall and stretch often!

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